“I was recently divorced with 4 young children and found myself reshaped to meet the needs of others. I was full of passion and intensity and it was being misdirected. I was a fire ball, burning myself and those around me. Nevin gave me strong tools for gaining clarity of self and setting goals and showed me how to reconnect to my true self and empower myself. Two years later, I am launching a start-up company and on the board of directors for two charities. My children are thriving and I have deep meaningful relationships with clear boundaries and living my life as my true self and it is beautiful.” - Allison Manroe


"Through Nevin, I learned that 'Life happens for us and Not to us'."

Samah El Disi

"Working with Nevin allowed me to reshuffle my life and prioritize important areas, in order to balance my personal and professional life."

Yasmine Aguib

"Nevin has really impacted my life. She's definitely a source of empowerment."

Laila El Sedky