Q/ What payment methods do you accept?

A/ We accept payments using debit/credit cards.

Q/ How can I add my card?


1. After you type your email, full name and password, tap Continue.

2. Enter Discount code, if available.

3. Enter the 16-digit card number and the expiration date found on the front side of the card.

4. Enter the CVC/CVV code found on the back side of the card. After that, tap Complete to successfully complete the transaction.

Where can I find my CVV/CVC code?

Mini Tutorials:

Q/ How to get started?

1. After you sign in on your account, scroll down on the Catalog page to find Courses then tap the course you would like to watch.

2. Now you can start watching the first video of your course.

Q/ How to access the PDF worksheets?

1.After you’re done watching your video, scroll down until you find this section and tap Resources.

2. Inside the Resources, you’ll find all PDF worksheets ready for Download.

Can’t access videos?

Q/ How to change my DNS settings?

A/ Please log out of the nivoforlife website and close the tab before carrying out the steps in the YouTube video below.

-Follow and carry out the steps on the YouTube video and PLEASE make sure you click to SAVE your changes at the end of your steps.

-Restart your computer and Log In again on our website.

-Tap the link that applies to you and watch the 1-minute video in order to know how to change your DNS settings.

For Windows PC,

For Mac,

For Android,

For iPhone and iPad,

Account settings:

Q/ How to change my password?


To change your password if you’re already signed in:

3. Tap Account.

4. Tap Password, then type your current and new password.

5. Tap Save Changes.

To reset your password if you’re not signed in:

1. Tap Forgot Password? found at the bottom of the login screen.

2. Type the email, then tap Send Instructions.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.